What's that you say? You'd like an ATA Records podcast?

11/8/20221 min read

I’ve had this idea for an analogue podcast for quite a few years now and not done anything about it. Of course it’s not strictly true as podcasts exist in the digital world but I’ve always though that it would be a great idea to record all the interviews on a reel to reel. Feels like a very ATA way to approach it.The other reason behind this is that I find the people who contribute to the label so interesting and they often have great insight into all the things that surround our creative endeavours at ATA. There has been many conversations that have been had that at the end of it I think "that was so interesting, I wish I’d recorded that".Well, for this release I had to interview members of Work Money Death about the creative process behind the album for the liner notes. That task has gently forced my hand into fulfilling my aspirations of creating the first analogue podcast. Hope you enjoy episode 1 with Tony Burkill

If that has peaked your interest then why no go and check out Thought, Action, Reation, Interaction by Work Money Death over on our Bandcamp

The support for this new release has been absolutely superb so far. Thank you so much. If you get your pre-order in you will get some superb bonus tracks that won't be availble to the public to stream or download after the album is released.