Orchestra Mambo International

Crafted during a creative session for an upcoming United Disco Organisation project, bassist Neil Innes conceived a captivating Afro-Disco concept. Picture a rhythmic journey, laden with percussion, reminiscent of Manu Dibango with a dash of Tony Allen's flair. With the UDO lineup of Neil on bass, Chris Dawkins on guitar, Joost Hendrickx on drums, and Danny Templeman on percussion, the foundation was set.

Adding a distinctive touch, ATA regular Richard Ormrod contributed a mesmerizing alto sax solo, steering the track towards instrumental brilliance. However, it didn't quite align with the album's theme, so it took a brief hiatus.

Enter Kweku Sackey (K.O.G.), who, during a studio visit for another project, was intrigued by Neil's Afro-Disco creation. Neil mentioned that loads of the old tracks have hooks that seemed to feature useful nuggets of great personal advice, Kweku said, "You mean something like don't let anybody tell you - feel it for yourself". Inspired by the track's vibe, Kweku injected his signature style, along with his backing vocalists, infusing the piece with an Ebo Taylor Love and Death essence. The result? A fusion of infectious rhythms and profound lyrical wisdom is encapsulated in the phrase "feel it for yourself."

To cater to diverse tastes, we offer a shorter vocal version for those seeking immediate gratification, and a DJ Smoove (Smoove and Turell) dance floor rework for extended groove sessions. Whether you're vibing to the extended afrobeat hit, the classic vocal rendition, or the electrifying dance floor remix, this 12" release has something for everyone.