The Library Archive


And so to "The Library Archive Vol. 3": taking heavy inspiration
from Jungle Obsession 9 by Roger Roger, and The Feed-back,
as well as Blaxploitation era composers such as Willie Hutch and
Melvin Van Peebles, and the masterful and ingenious Roy Budd,
"The Library Archive Vol. 3" draws deeply from the well of library

Each track has been lovingly crafted with a keen ear for authenticity
and the same eye for detail shown on 'The Library Archive’ Vol. 1
& 2, recorded on the same instruments and equipment and with the
same techniques as the music that inspired it, with a focus
throughout on stripped-back rhythm sections topped by flute,
vibes and vintage synths.

With three volumes now out and another currently in R&D, The
Library Archive will stand as a testament to the love the ATA
producers and artists have for the original composers and