Love Of The Brave

The Love Of The Brave outfit was the first project recorded at the famed studio. It brought together some of the most versatile artists in the North, many of who still work on projects with ATA today, both these factors give this release a landmark aspect for the label.

“Gustav”, the second single from the self-titled album "Love of the Brave"; is an acid-folk track, with a female vocal line very much in the same style as Pentangle’s Jacqui McShee. With production reminiscent of releases from the late 60s there is definite appeal for those listeners not solely interested in current music trends. A raga-style guitar melody, which parallels singer Fuzzy Jones’ voice, lends a meditative angle to the track, again harking back to the Eastern influences which began to creep into rock, psyche and folk at the back end of the 60s. “Gustav” would fit comfortably alongside Rotary Connection, Bonnie Dobson, Christine Perfect, Greta Van Fleet, Joni Mitchell, Beth Gibbons and John and Beverley Martyn. The slightly sinister edge to Jones’s lyrics, alongside a sparse rhythm section, makes this a perfect recommendation for any psyche list. It would also fit well into a late night / early morning list, alongside acts such as Portishead. ATA Records label boss Neil Innes plays both bass and guitar on the track, a point that would offer a logical introduction to the rest of the ATA catalogue.